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Non-owned farm auto liability insurance

Do you have non-owned auto liability insurance?

Do you have employees or seasonal help that take their vehicle to get parts or grab lunch for everyone? Then you need non-owned auto liability.

Watch the short video to learn more or keep reading below.

Need Farm Insurance?

Non-owned farm auto liability

Picture this, it's a crazy busy October day, you are behind on harvest & the combine breaks down again. Jim, the part-time guy who helps during harvest, jumps in his truck and runs down to John Deere to grab a part. Unfortunately, Jim was in a hurry & ran through a 4-way stop & killed a young couple. Did you know the farm could be liable for this? Are you covered?

This is where non-owned auto coverage comes into play. It provides liability protection when an employee or family member uses a personal vehicle that is not listed on your farm auto policy. The above story is a hard one to think about, but it would not be the first time it has happened. This coverage will not pay for the damage to the employee's vehicle but will provide for bodily injury & property damage for the third party plus legal costs that arise out of an at-fault accident.

Most commercial auto policies have this coverage added, but as we review farms; this is not added a lot of times. We believe this is due to a lack of education on the insurance professional's end or policies not being reviewed much over time. This endorsement can easily be added to a policy and is inexpensive compared to the overall farm auto policy. If you look at your farm auto declaration pages you will see the symbol 7, this is the listed autos on your policy. However, you should also see symbol 9; if you don't then pick up the phone & give your insurance professional a call today. Most of the time, symbol 9 is for non-owned autos; some companies use a different symbol, double check with them.

If you enjoy this type of relationship with your insurance professional where it's based on education and insight, then please give us a call. We'd love to work with you.

Thank you,

Tanner Coulter


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