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Can you afford $25,000+ out of pocket??

You wreck your combine in the middle of harvest resulting in repairs taking several weeks. As any farmer knows, any time out of the fields in the fall can be costly. Also, trying to rent any equipment, especially a combine during harvest is difficult. Most implement dealerships won’t have combines on-site and if they do, it will be expensive. The cost to rent a combine during harvest can run at least $300 per hour of use. Only 35 hours of harvest time can be over $10,000. As a farmer during harvest, you have no option but to rent the equipment needed. Can you afford it?

This is where extra expense coverage comes into play on your farm policy. This coverage assists in paying for extra costs to resume normal operations after a loss of equipment or property. We recommend our clients have at least $20,000, preferably $50,000, or more of additional expense coverage depending on where they are located and the size of the operation. If you have an accident or damage to several pieces of equipment during harvest, then you can rack up a bill of tens of thousands of dollars.

Give your agent a call to make sure you have adequate extra expense coverage to pay for rental costs on equipment. If you have any additional questions or concerns on this, you can also give us a call at (765) 744-0194.

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