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farm with swine and poultry barns with pigs, hogs, turkeys, & chickens



As a swine or poultry farm owner, integrator, financial manager, or contract grower, you know the risks of your industry. The death of your hogs or poultry, contaminated feed, power interruption, or a building fire can cost you time and income. And pose a real threat to your livelihood. With so much on the line, it makes sense to seek protection from a dependable livestock insurer with proven insurance solutions.

Confinement insurance covers the following:


  • Confinement buildings including equipment, grain bins, & other farm property in the buildings. 

  • Equipment breakdown of fixed equipment, motors, etc.

  • Loss of farming income due to a covered property claim.

  • Extra farming expense incurred after a covered loss.

  • Pollution Liability

  • If owned, coverage for your livestock.

    • Agreed value for higher-value animals (sows, boars, organic birds, etc.)​

  • If contracted; care, custody, & control liability. 

*Discounts apply to contract growers with Cooper Farms, Kalmbach Farms, Hord Farms, and/or Heimerl Farms.

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