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Rock Ingestion Coverage

Do you have rock ingestion coverage?

Did you know that most standard farm insurance policies exclude this? We explain what this coverage entails and why you should consider it.

Watch the short video to learn more or keep reading below.

Need Farm Insurance?

Rock Ingestion or Foreign Object Ingestion

Have you ever had a rock or debris get sucked into your combine or chopper? Have you had it happen in the past couple harvests?

Rock ingestion or foreign object ingestion insurance covers the internal damage of your combine or chopper due to an object that is not supposed to be in there or "foreign." This could be rocks, metal debris, fence posts, etc. Your standard farm insurance policy typically does not cover this type of damage. You need to have one of two things on your policy: either special coverage on your combine or an endorsement for rock ingestion coverage. Every insurance carrier is different with this, speak with your insurance professional to determine if you have this coverage.


As with everything else, the repair costs for this internal damage are becoming significantly more. It used to be a few thousand dollars and not a huge issue, however with the increase in material costs & labor, these claims are now in the $15-20k range. Another additional expense is the downtime during harvest, you may have to rent a combine if the repairs take 2+ weeks.

Again, we recommend reaching out to your insurance professional & verify if you have this coverage. If not, adding this is a minimal expense to your overall insurance program.


If you enjoy this type of relationship with your insurance professional where it's based on education and insight, then please give us a call. We'd love to work with you.

Thank you,

Tanner Coulter


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