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john deere tractor pulling a green manure spreader to knife in livestock poop. custom spreading

Farm Environmental Insurance


The program is specifically designed to address the common loss exposures in farming.  These customized insurance policies cover:

  • Bodily injury and property damage, and on-site/off-site cleanup costs resulting from a pollution condition at, on, or emanating from a covered location(s) or operations.

  • Legal costs associated with defense against these claims are covered under the policy but do erode the aggregate limit of liability. This should be considered when selecting the limits of liability on the policy.

  • Pollution losses arising from groundwater and surface water contamination, odors, over-application of manure or herbicides and pesticides, and the exacerbation of the levels of nitrates in groundwater or wells in addition to the coverage.

Environmental Impairment Liability for Farms

  • Provides environmental coverage for owned or leased land and facilities.

  • Limits from $1 million to $10 million are available.

  • Standard deductible is $10,000.  Higher deductible amounts are available.  A $5,000 deductible option is also available.

  • No audits and no inspections of the farm. (An independently-prepared 590 Nutrient Management Plan for the farmed acres is required.)

  • Underwritten by AM Best Rating: A XII carrier


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