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cattle barn with feed lot, confinement

Livestock Confinement, Feedlot
and Pasture


Provides coverage for losses caused by death or humane destruction of livestock as a result of a specified peril. Coverage is for both owned and non-owned livestock in your care, custody, and control.


Risk appetite

  • Cattle feedlot, confinement, and pasture exposures

    • Cow/calf

    • Bulls

    • Replacement seedstock

    • Stockers/backgrounders

    • Feeder cattle

    • Dairy cattle

  • Sheep and goat confinement and pasture exposures

  • Swine confinement (all phases)

  • Poultry confinement

    • Layers and broilers

    • Turkeys and ducks


  • Minimum $500 per occurrence (minimum $2,500 per occurrence for feedlots)

  • Current market value, agreed values, or contracted values

  • Limits up to $10 million per occurrence

    • Higher limits available upon request

  • Confinement endorsements

    • Suffocation

    • Pit gas

    • Human error

    • Loss of Income (caused by suffocation)

  • Cattle endorsements

    • Livestock born

    • Grazing poisoning

    • Transit

    • Frozen semen & embryos

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