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Agribusiness & Farm Insurance

We offer full comprehensive coverage to protect your farm operation. We offer everything from property and liability protection to workers' compensation. We work with farms of all sizes throughout the country. It is critical that your farm is adequately covered to protect your assets and investments from the unexpected. 

red, Case IH tractor planting field in the spring with blue Kinze planter
swine confinement barn, hog barn, hogs, swine, grain bins with corn field in background. Shaffer farms

Swine & Poultry Barns

As a swine/poultry owner, integrator, financial/risk manager, or contract grower, you know the risks of your industry. The death of your hogs/poultry caused by a tornado, contaminated feed, power interruption, or a building fire can cost you time and income. And pose a real threat to your livelihood. With so much on the line, it makes sense to seek protection from a dependable livestock insurer with proven insurance solutions.

Livestock Mortality Insurance

Full mortality coverage insures your animals against death due to accident, injury, sickness, disease, or theft. This coverage includes humane euthanization, which might result from an accident or illness. Rates for coverage varies according to the age and species of the animal. We cover your swine, cattle, equine, sheep, & goats. 

Duroc show pig being shown at World Pork Expo on shavings. Showman. Livestock
Case combine in field with semi & grain cart


At Coulter Farm & Livestock Insurance, we use our extensive experience in the farm & livestock industry to protect your operation. It is important that your legacy is being adequately hedged for any risk that may appear. We have set out to offer our clients exceptional service with a commitment to our core principles of honesty, integrity, and fairness. We understand the care and value that you as owners have for your farm and livestock. Let's talk about your next steps in protecting what you value most.

john deere tractor pulling honey, manure wagon, tank through the corn field knifing in manure

Farm Environmental Coverage

The program is specifically designed to address the common loss exposures in farming.  These customized insurance policies cover things like bodily injury, property damage, on-site/off-site cleanup, legal costs, contamination fines, etc. 


Foreign Animal Disease Coverage

This coverage is here to protect your legacy from highly contagious viruses. We offer comprehensive coverage against African Swine Fever, Porcine Reproductive & Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) and Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea (PED) infections, the only coverage like it in the US.​​

livestock in pen, hogs, swine, pigs
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